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Realty Perspective – June 2024

A Year In Review  There is finally some good news for homeowners. Although 2024 is turning into a tough economic year with consumer spending very low due to the impact of high interest rates, the housing market has stabilized with good buyer activity across all price ranges. Looking ahead to the second half of 2024 […]

Realty Perspective – June 2023

After 7 years of incredible property price increases, we all knew that a change in the market was inevitable, yet it probably hit harder than some of us expected. The combination of inflation, rising interest rates and tax changes has changed the real estate landscape.  We will delve into this information further, look at the […]

Decisions, decisions, decisions….Or shall we just decide to make no decision????

After many strong years of rising prices, it is quite hard to know what to do when it is clear we are passed the peak of a property market cycle. This old quote rings true: “you won’t know you are at the peak until it’s too late and you’re on the other side”.  Property values […]

Changes in Lending Driving the Change – December 2021

Changes in lending driving the change In the last 6 years we have seen huge price increases on the back of low interest rates, shortage of property and an increase in demand with a growing population. Historically property prices have doubled in a cycle, which has been one of the favourite quotes for as long […]

Free Market vs Government Intervention – May 2021

The last 12 months of real estate trends have been like a rollercoaster ride. First the experts predicted a huge downturn (April-May 2020) and the government loosened finance restrictions (such as Loan-to-value ratios for investors) to ensure properties continued selling through the predicted downturn as a way to stimulate the economy. Next we find out […]

Predictions in an Unpredictable World – October 2020

Most of the predictions made regarding the economy, house prices and the impact of the pandemic have turned out to be wrong. This comes as no surprise as there are too many variables that influence the outcome. The property market today is very similar to what we have seen in the last four years, even […]

Life After Lockdown – May 2020

Will there be a downturn in the property market? There are many views and predictions on what life will look like in NZ after the lockdown. And there are as many opinions about the real estate market. Most of these are written about the overall NZ property market, not specific to Rotorua. Here is my […]

2019 End Of Year Wrap Up – December 2019

Prices in 2019 have continued to increase and the median sale price is now very close to $500k. This in comparison to only $400k a year ago and $300k in 2016. Interest rates remain low which increases affordability, although most banks use quite a big margin in their calculations to make sure people don’t overcommit. […]

A seller’s market … but for how much longer? – September 2019

Since my last market update, there have been numerous developments that create uncertainty about the market and for how long the upwards trend of property prices will continue. The key changes we’ve seen in recent months: •  the lowest Official Cash Rate since its introduction 20 years ago    and the lowest interest rates since […]

Are we in a changing market?

Supply and demand has changed market dynamics in Auckland and the question we get asked every day is what we expect to happen with prices in the Rotorua market. Will we follow Auckland and will prices drop, or will they continue to climb? There are a number of key economic factors that will affect the […]

Prices continue to increase

Prices continue to increase There is a huge variance between average house price values in Rotorua from month to month due to the small number of sales each month, however, it is clear that prices continue to increase across all price brackets. In June this year we recorded the highest ever median sale price at […]

Low supply high demand push prices up in Rotorua

The real estate market in Rotorua has continued its trend of low supply and high demand and prices continue to increase. Some interesting facts about the Rotorua market are: June recorded the highest median price for Rotorua ever at $440,000 up from $385,250 the month before. There have never been less properties on the market […]

What’s happening in the market and how does this affect me?

Welcome to our Autumn Realty Perspective with the latest information about the Rotorua Property Market. We help you navigate through the wave of “exciting” headlines that are claiming sales are up one month and down the next. It is important to put things in perspective and make it relevant to your individual situation, which is […]

What approach should you take in 2018 with the changing market?

People are quick to give real estate advice, but at the end of the day, it needs to be put into perspective. What is right for one person, might not be right for you. A People have different thoughts around our current position in the property cycle, but most people agree that we are nearing […]

What’s happened to the property boom in Rotorua?

As we gear up towards Spring, traditionally the most popular time to get a property on the market and sold, there are a lot of questions amongst buyers and sellers about what has happened to the real estate market in Rotorua. Has it gone from BOOM to BUST? Is this the end of the UP-cycle? […]