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A seller’s market … but for how much longer?

Since my last market update, there have been numerous developments that create...

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Merry Christmas!

Prices in 2019 have continued to increase and the median sale price is now very close to $500k....

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Are we in a changing market?

Supply and demand has changed market dynamics in Auckland and the question we get asked every day...

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Prices continue to increase

Prices continue to increase There is a huge variance between average house price values in Rotorua...

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Low supply high demand push prices up in Rotorua

The real estate market in Rotorua has continued its trend of low supply and high demand and...

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What’s happening in the market and how does this affect me?

Welcome to our Autumn Realty Perspective with the latest information about the Rotorua Property...

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What approach should you take in 2018 with the changing market?

People are quick to give real estate advice, but at the end of the day, it needs to be put into...

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Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

Only 5 days to Christmas and the Rotorua property market is still hot like the weather at the...

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What’s happened to the property boom in Rotorua?

As we gear up towards Spring, traditionally the most popular time to get a property on the market...

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